Assistance Information


Regarding the assistance registrations, please go to the ASSISTANCE RATES 

Concerning the transport of assistance vehicles : 

In order to facilitate the access to TURKMEN DESERT RACE, the organization sets up the transport of assistance vehicles by road.  
Please find enclosed the rates applied for the different categories of assistance vehicles.

Types of vehicle Dimensions


Cars, 4x4 Vehicle less or equal to 1.90m hight and equal to 5m on lenght  4 000€
Mini trucks, Van Vehicle less or equal to 2.5m hight and equal to 5.5m on lenght 4 500€

NOTE: The organization allows itself to refuse the transport of an assistance vehicle, if the dimensions declared of the vehicle are not good.
For a good event and your race, contact the competitor department if you have questions about your vehicle.

"Malle" Truck & transport of tires

Moreover, the organization offers a transport of trunks. WARNING : 20 slots only are available.
Under the same system as a basic "malle" truck, competitors can reserve an espace which included a canteen, a travel bag and a tent, which will be transported by the organizing truck to Turkmenistan.
Dimension of each canteen: length: 80cm / depth: 45cm / Height: 35cm (95 liters)

Competitors who have reserved a space for the "malle" truck will have priority for the transport of additionnals tires.

Find the rates below:


Trunk transport package : 1 canteen, 1 travel bag, 1 tent 700 €
Package for transportation of unit tire, assembly included 150 €


For all the assistance which want to know the road to join Turkmenistan, you can find the convoy route : 


  Loading Points Theoretical Arrival
  PAU (64) friday 24 august 2018
  MANOSQUE (04) saturday 25 august 2018
  ST ETIENNE ( pt de départ ) sunday 26 august 2018
ST ETIENNE NUREMBERG (Allemagne) monday 27 august 2018
NUREMBERG VARSOVIE (Pologne) tuesday 28 august 2018
VARSOVIE REZEKNE (Lettonie) wednesday 29 august 2018
REZEKNE MOSCOU (Russie) thursday 30 august 2018
MOSCOU SARATOV (Russie) friday 31 august 2018
SARATOV ATYRAOU (Kaz) saturday 1 september 2018
ATYRAOU BEINEOU (Kaz) sunday 2 september 2018
BEINEOU NOUKOUS (Ozb) monday 3 september 2018
NOUKOUS BOUKARA (Ozb) tuesday 4 september 2018
BOUKARA TURKMENABAT (Tkm) wednesday 5 september 2018



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