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The transportation of your vehicle is included in your registration fees.
Your Assistance vehicle can be transported by the organization under specific conditions.

  Loading Points Theoretical Arrival
  PAU (64) friday 24 august 2018
  MANOSQUE (04) saturday 25 august 2018
  ST ETIENNE ( pt de départ ) sunday 26 august 2018
ST ETIENNE NUREMBERG (Allemagne) monday 27 august 2018
NUREMBERG VARSOVIE (Pologne) tuesday 28 august 2018
VARSOVIE REZEKNE (Lettonie) wednesday 29 august 2018
REZEKNE MOSCOU (Russie) thursday 30 august 2018
MOSCOU SARATOV (Russie) friday 31 august 2018
SARATOV ATYRAOU (Kaz) saturday 1 september 2018
ATYRAOU BEINEOU (Kaz) sunday 2 september 2018
BEINEOU NOUKOUS (Ozb) monday 3 september 2018
NOUKOUS BOUKARA (Ozb) tuesday 4 september 2018
BOUKARA TURKMENABAT (Tkm) wednesday 5 september 2018

The cities in bold are the loading points of the vehicles.


Please fill in the transport order form where you want your organization to take charge of your vehicle: click here



The best way to reach Ashkhabat is via Turkish Airlines, Fly Emirates, Lufthansa, and FlyTurkmenAirlines
The cost of one way flight is between 400€ and 600€.
Special internal flights will be set for TURKMEN DESERT RACE participants. 

Ashkhabat - Turkmenabat once you arrive
Turkmenbashy - Ashkhabat for your return. 

Once you arrive in Ashkhabat international Airport, you will be welcomed by someone who will assist you for your visa, and take you to a TURKMEN DESERT RACE VIP resting area, while waiting for the connection flight to Turkmenabat.


Concerning the flight of the organization proposed to the competitors of the Turkmen Desert Race, you can make your reservation via the transport order: click here



In the starting and finish cities, you can book a hotel via the organization.
The room will be book by the organization, and you will pay the room at the hotel directly.
During the rally you will be on bivouac.

Click here to download the order form

Click here to discover the description of the hotels



During the TURKMEN DESERT RACE, the organization takes in charge the breakfast, a collation for noon and the dinner at the bivouac. 
For the prize giving ceremony, the organization will offer to you the dinner.







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