Turkmen Desert Race 2018
Submitted on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 17:35


The last 24 hours before the big start have been intense. Competitors and members of the organization were able to carry out the last administrative and technical checks to ensure their participation in the first edition of the Turkmen Desert Race. At the end of the evening, everyone enjoyed a dinner gathering all the caravan before a good night's sleep because it will be necessary to be in a good shape tomorrow to start the competition from 6:30 am ...


That's it, they have arrived! The caravan is now full after hosting the last competitors and members of the organization who arrived in the morning in Turkmenabat. Everyone was able to settle, get their vehicle and proceed with the last administrative and technical checks before focusing on the race that starts tomorrow morning. Thanks to the help of the Turkmen volunteers, the last preparations went off without a hitch and in a friendly atmosphere. Many participants already know each other, enough to maintain this good mood throughout the rally. Because it is with unexpected success that the caravan is full with more than 500 people coming from more than 20 different countries.

The French are well represented with for example Matthieu Serradori (SRT RACING): "We arrived this morning, we discovered everything very quickly. It's a big day for Fabian (Lurquin) and me, everything will now be happening very fast to be ready on time ... That’s the game! ".

Little rest for some, final settings for others and a timing respected by all, that's how the race AMUL-HAZAR 2018 took place in this last day of preparation.


With a busy schedule, no time to be bored today. All checks were completed by 3:30 pm and the parc fermé was full. The competitors' vehicles then remained there while the crews went to the briefing organized by Jean-Louis Schlesser and René Metge at the Hippodrome of Turkmenabat. It was around 4 pm that the organizers of this first rally crossing Turkmenistan gave the first official information on the race. In a country that particularly loves horses and horse racing, this historic site of the city was well found to bring together all those who will cross the desert landscapes and arid weather around the region.

Just after the briefing, they had a first theoretical GPS training speech to make sure that everyone will go in the right direction tomorrow morning ... Finally, a little practice at the end of the day with the parade that saw all the race vehicles parade through the streets of Turkmenabat in front of the local population, proud to host such an event.

A parade that began with a speech by Jean-Louis Schlesser thanking President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow for his welcome and his presence. All the competitors then presented themselves on the podium, all but not the president himself because he will take part in the Prologue tomorrow morning. This sports fan still preferred to appreciate this show from the stands.

After this emotion-filled moment, all the vehicles returned to the parc fermé... Next step for the competitors: the opening of the parc fermé at 6:30 am before reaching the start of the prologue (9 km) and the first super stage of 247 km! 

Submitted on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 17:35