Turkmenistan goes between the Caspian Sea and Amu Darya in Central Asia.

The country borders Uzbekistan to the north and east, Kazakhstan to the north and Afghanistan to the east and to the south, and with Iran to the south, whose total extent of the borders is 3,736 km, the length of the littoral line is 1,768 km.

The capital of Turkmenistan is Ashkhabad.
In translation of the Persian language it means "the city of love", an oasis created with enthusiasm by the hands of people among sands and mountains.
Ashkhabad is a city of flowering parks, masterpieces of architecture , sculptures, fountains, museums and monuments.

It's must known that 90% of the territory are deserts and semi-deserts: enough to make you dream for a unique ride in Rally Raid.








It is one of the richest countries of gas and oil resources. More to these two activities, the country lives on agricultural production, such as cotton, rice, fruits and vegetables.

Turkmenistan gained independence, leaving the USSR in October 1991 and adopting a new Constitution in May 1992.

The dominant green color on the Turkmenistan flag symbolizes the youth of the state, new hopes for the nation and reminds of the religion of the country. The white crescent is an Islamic symbol. On the left side there is a carpet path of 5 "guerrillas" - drawings that characterize each of the 5 Turkmen tribes. The 5 white stars remind the 5 human senses - sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. The flag is officially approved on February 19, 1992.
The 5 carpet guards, national and traditional designs, decorate the coat of arms of the State, representing the 5 administrative districts which constitute a territorial integrity of the country

To know in September, in Turkmenistan : 

  • Time difference with France : +3h 
  • Daytime temperature : between 19°C and 30°C
  • Night temperature : clemency
  • Spoken language : Turkmen and English
  • Currency of the country : Turkmen manat, but you have possibilities to paid with US Dollars 




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